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  • Nepal Academy

Literary Figures

  • Bhanubhakta
  • Devkota
  • Bhupi Sherchan
  • Lekhnath
  • Siddhicharan
  • Motiram
  • Parijat
  • Sama

Nepal Academy

About us

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Nepal Academy is a premier national institution devoted to the promotion of the languages, literature, culture, philosophy and social sciences of Nepal, research and creative writing and the overall development of cultural and intellectual fields by bringing together and coordinating national and international activities.

The Academy was established in 1957 (2014 B.S.) in the name of Nepal Academy of Literature and Art. It was later named as Royal Nepal Academy after the promulgation Royal Nepal Academy Act 1974. After the transformation of Nepal into Democratic Federal Republic, it was named as Nepal Academy as per the provision of Nepal Academy Act 2007 enacted by the Nepal parliament.

There are five major departments within the Academy:

  1. Language
  2. Literature
  3. Culture
  4. Social Sciences
  5. Philosophy



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